Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Traffic control (r)ants

My wife is tired of hearing it, but I think we are entirely too focused on creating a better, cleaner, more fuel efficient automobile and not focused enough on mass transit and most importantly traffic control systems.  I'm amazed how inefficient our traffic control systems are, and not because I hate sitting at red lights.  How often have to been stopped along with 20-30 other cars to allow 3 or 4 cars to pass through an intersection?  Then sit there for 1-2 more minutes with no opposing traffic.  In my opinion, states should be accountable for the carbon footprint of each traffic light in the city.

I have long held that Google would be the perfect company to solve this - after all, their business is network traffic.  This morning I found this blog over at Wired about ants and their traffic control systems.  Very interesting read, especially the part about ants never getting stuck in traffic.  Give it a look...



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