Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Opening documents in Word from Internet Explorer

A classmate of mine asked me how to configure IE to allow you to open a Word document in Word rather than in IE. Here's a simple recipe:

1) From the Start Menu, click "My Computer".
2) Select "Folder Options" from the "Tools" menu.
3) Go to the "File Types" tab of the "Folder Options" dialog.
4) Scroll through the "Registered files types" until you find "DOC" and select it.
5) Click on the "Advanced" button.
6) On the "Edit File Type" dialog, uncheck "Browse in same window" box.
7) Hit the "OK" button.
8) Repeat steps 4-7 for any other file types like PDF, XLS, PPT, etc.
9) After making all desired changes, hit "Apply" then "Close" on the "Folder Options" dialog.
10) Try it out! Docs should now open in the appropriate application rather than inside of Internet Explorer.

Hope this helps.

- Tony

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